We pride ourselves on designing thoughtful, timeless pieces that are built to last. Here’s what we’ve done so far—and what we’re still working on—to become a more sustainable company.

Get down with upcycling.

Our clothes are built to last, but we know your wardrobe will evolve over time. We make it easy to upcycle pieces you no longer need, which reduces a garment’s carbon footprint by 82% on average.

Good Things in Small Packages

In 2020, we transitioned to flat-pack shipping from our factories to our warehouse, which takes up less transit space and requires fewer cartons. Additionally, we take care to use recycled materials in our packaging when possible: our hangtags are made from 100% recycled paper; the polybags used to ship from our factories are biodegradable; and our bubble mailers are made with 50% recycled materials and take up less transit space than cardboard boxes.

Logical Logistics

We’ve partnered with a zero-landfill logistics center, which stores and ships all our inventory and orders.

Shaping Up Our Shipping

95% of our inventory is shipped from our factories to our warehouse by boat, rather than by plane. This option is significantly more fuel-efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of each garment.